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NEW! 2000 yen (included) dishes only! Weekday limited handy course

NEW! 2000 yen (included) dishes only! Weekday limited handy course

By using a coupon2000 yen(Tax included)

The list price is tax-inclusive price.

  • 6items
  • 3-40persons
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thurs, Sundays, Holidays

We use fresh ingredients sent directly from the market every day.Diet even if you eat ♪ Healthy course full of ingredients that are nice for your body.

Course menu

Choose your dishes from A or B

Please enjoy with your favorite combination.

For reservations other than by phone (immediate reservation, request reservation, etc.)

Choose the course content in advance or use popular dishes

You can leave it to yourself.

◆ Salad

NEW! New ball and leaf salad

~ Japanese style sesame soy sauce dressing ~

◆ Sashimi

NEW! Fresh seafood marinade

◆ Pottery

NEW! A: Chicken breaded with herbs

NEW! B: Special miso grilled radish

◆ fried food

NEW! Three kinds of vegetable tempura

◆ Discontinued item

NEW! Special box meal of plum and jaco

◆ Dessert

NEW! Today's Petite Cake

Feel free if you have allergies or likes and dislikes

Please inquire.

* Depending on seasonal changes and purchasing situation

As the contents of the dish may be slightly different

Please acknowledge it beforehand.

2020/03/31 update